It's Your Bed Built BETTER!

Our 5 part system is all that you need, made to order and delivered very fast to your door. Working directly with the same factories that create the most premium hybrid, drop-shippable mattresses on the market, we've COMBINED the best bedding tech, to design and manufacture what we believe to be the perfect mattresses for your rental properties and your guests personal homes. Best part, it's at a fraction of the cost, straight from the factory!  

Mattresses and an amazing night of sleep can contribute to positive reviews more than anything else. We made it easy to chose the right mattress for your happy guests by only offering 5 pieces in the collection to all meet specific needs. Please explore them below. 

If you are a Vodyssey Member or a guest who arrived at this site by scanning a code at one of our member properties, your factory direct discount and free shipping will be applied once you begin the check out process and enter your discount code in the appropriate box of your shopping cart before completing check out.

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Medium Plush


Like it's namesake, the 12" Goldilux isn't too firm or too soft... she's "just right" catering to the masses as a medium perfect plush.

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Luxury Firm


Designed for homes and guests that favor a slightly firmer sleep as a medium firm, very similar to most 12" premium luxury hotel mattresses.

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Perfect for bunk beds, limited in height to 9”, to work with most top bunks with low safety rail heights. 

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Super Plush


When you want to sink into a cloud, this 14.5" pillow top is basically a Goldilux with a copper topper built in for extra plush comfort for super soft sleepers.

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This 1.5" topper, infused with copper fibers is designed to add an extra level of plushness to any mattress in the system.

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  • Jonathan Saad of BLANK says:

    "We were a bit skeptical purchasing beds not having tried them first but we trusted the reviews and ordered two kings for our STR.  We’re so glad we did, they’re incredibly comfortable and we’ve had several customers mention them in their reviews!  We’re looking forward to replacing our home beds soon as well."

  • Jordyn Leland of The Firefly Stay says:

    "We purchased a different mattress for our home before we used the Vodyssey Sleep System in our STR. Now that we have slept on the vodyssey mattress, our new one at home feels awful in comparison. We are definitely considering replacing it again and 100% would go with the Vodyssey system. I couldn’t believe the comfort for the price!"

  • Michael Jurado of Lincoln, NE says:

    "My wife and I bought the King Goldi-Lux for our new house in Lincoln NE. It is outstanding!  Better than the Serta IComfort mattress I had that was twice the price.  Highly recommend!"

  • Isaac Joens of Camp Gold says:

    "We consistently get good reviews from guests specifically mentioning the beds of the Vodyssey sleep system." 

  • Eric Young of Captain's Quarters says:

    "The mattresses are soft and firm at the same time, appealing to almost any guest.  Sending the cross section of how the mattress is made up in a response to an inquiry has already helped me book a new guest, and I’ve only had these mattresses for three weeks.  They are low cost, and a perceived upgrade to guests at the same time.  I’m not sure how you can beat that."

  • Josh and Amanda of Cosmic Cabana says:

    "We ordered two king size mattresses from the Vodyssey Sleep Mattress System and they are phenomenal. We slept on them for a couple of weeks during the set-up phase and could not believe how comfortable they were. Quality and durability are excellent, delivery was speedy, and they are priced at a really accessible point to give our guests a great night of sleep for lower cost. We definitely plan to order more for our next property and likely for our personal property as well!"

  • Fadi Hussein of Orlando Dreams says:

    "The Vodyssey sleep system has the most comfortable mattresses I have ever slept on. We are getting excellent feed back from our guests and friends"

  • Guest reviews mentioning the beds saying:

    "The beds are super comfortable" "Best beds I've ever slept on in a rental" "The beds are so Cozy" "Such comfortable beds in every room!" "5-Stars across the boards, especially the beds"