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Scent Sample Pack

Scent Sample Pack

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When your theme and brand message focuses an incorporation of Sight, sound and scent, (Atmospherics) data shows that you increase customer engagement by 70%! This is used across the boards by major corporations to get live customers to engage in certain behaviors. WE WANT OVERWHELMING, POSITIVE REVIEWS!! That is the engagement we're looking for after the booking. This is a large key to that.

This is our list of fragrances. They are designed to meet the atmospheric scent needs of any property and lean into the theme and vibe you're trying to create.  We want to send you a scent kit where you can smell them all.  They all smell amazing, you may even have a hard time picking one.

 Lazy Lake

Vegas Desert

Beach Please

Mountain Air

Velvet Cabin

Floral Breeze

Earthy Lounge

Tree House

Fresh Resort

Tropic Resort

Luxury Resort

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